What Do You Want to Achieve?

Any of these sound like you ?


  1. I'm getting bored with the same old exercise routine
  2. I've lost my motivation and don't know where to find it
  3. I need to lose a little weight / tone up and everything I try isn't working
  4. I've signed up for a triathlon...how do I prepare properly so I do myself justice ?
  5. I'm not sure if I'm using the right equipment in the gym to help me achieve what I'm after
  6. I just hate the idea of going to the gym or people watching me exercise
  7. I've just had a baby and I want to get my old shape back

All of these are genuine client quotes that I've heard in the last 6 months.


These people have all gone on to use me as a Personal Trainer - everyone has their own reason for making the decision !   Read some of their testimonials here

Goal Setting and Customised Training Programmes

I believe that the best way to manage your life is to set yourself achievable goals along the way. This is why I help you to define a clear strategy and milestones you want to reach during our first consultation.


I use these to develop a customised training programme for you, tailored toward your wishes, allowing you to reach your goals in a reasonable time frame.


You can tell me where you prefer to train

  • at your home (I'll bring the equipment)
  • at my home (I'll provide the equipment and make you a cup of tea)
  • in the gym (I'll arrange the venue - you don't need to be a member)
  • outdoors (I know some great local places)
  • or mix and match to suit your mood...


You can tell me how you prefer to train and I'll tailor your programme accordingly;

  • hate running... no problem, we can incorporate other cardio activities
  • want to use free weights - that's OK
  • really enjoy spinning - let's build that into your programme
  • loathe boxercise techniques - don't panic, we'll give that a miss
  • want to try something new - great, I love a challenge !


 If Personal Training is going to work for you, it's got to be personal - so every client's programme is different.

Weight Management

I have an addiitonal professional qualification / specialism in Weight Management and Nutrition for Sport and Exercise.  Read more on the About Me page.