Your Questions, My Answers

Why should I spend money on a personal trainer? Can't I just do it by myself?
Of course you can train alone. But I believe that my main purpose is to motivate you and develop a customised training programme that meets your requirements. I am there to take you beyond the training level that you would have got to by yourself. Training will not be routine and boring. It will NOT be the same thing every time.  You will be shown the correct exercises with the correct form. 

Where does the training take place?
You tell me what your preferences are and we'll build a programme together that suits you. If you love the outdoors, we'll train togther in the open-air (I'll bring along all the equipment we need). If you want to do some sessions in the gym, then that's fine too (I have an arrangement to bring personal training clients to a local gym in Tring).  Or we can work together at my home or yours.

Do I have to train with you every week ?

No.  The schedule of our sessions together is entirely up to you.  Some customers do work with me weekly (they like the routine), others work more than once per week.  I have customers that have double-sessions each fortnight. Others work more sporadically.   I am very flexible about how we work together.  You are the client so its entirely up to you - your choice. 

How much does this cost ?

One-off, ad hoc sessions start from £55 per hour although there are discounts for block bookings.

See 'Packages and Prices' for more details.


In exceptional circumstances, there may be additional charges for sessions which take place in a gym environment (depending on the agreement I have with that particular gym) and other charges if my travelling distances are considerable.

Which locations do you work in ?

I am based in Tring and the majority of my current clients are from Tring and the surrounding villages.  I have my own private home studio with both indoor and outdoor space. I have a link with a local gym in Tring (so I can use this location for training too).   I am open to taking on clients from other locations, so if you're interested in working with me, then please do get in touch for a discussion.

I also offer VideoPT (live Zoom or FaceTime) for those living further away or if it that method of delivery suits your personal circumstances better.

Are you a professional trainer?
Yes. I am registered with REPs  - the Register of Exercise Professionals. My continuing professional development has seen me gain accreditations in the following areas within the past 12 months;  

  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Nutrition for Sport & Exercise
  • Torso and Core Stability
  • Advanced Resistance Techniques
  • Pre-Natal Exercise Prescription
  • Post-Natal Exercise Prescription
  • Circuit Training

Do you only work with women ? 

No - I have both male and female clients.