What My Clients Say About Me...

We feel terrific !

"Thanks very much, you made Angela and I feel absolutely terrific about ourselves.  Can't wait for the next session"


-- Alicia Black (and Angela Millwood)

I've dropped a dress size...

"I have been regularly using the gym for over a year, but was disappointed that I seemed to have stopped seeing results in both my fitness levels and body shape. Adele has changed that...........She has motivated and pushed me much harder than I would have trained on my own before. Now whenever I take the exercises she has shown me and use them when I work out alone. Week to week she manages to come up with different and more challenging exercises, so there is no chance of getting bored. Without changing my diet drastically, I have dropped a dress size, increased my fitness level way beyond my expectations and reduced my % body fat. I feel fitter and more toned now at 41 than I have for a good few years".


-- Sam Allum

I've gone from unfit and out of shape to triathlete

“Adele has worked wonders with me. She is a great motivator and her cheerful disposition enales you to get through the toughest of exercises! In a few short months she has taken an unfit and out of shape woman and enabled her to complete a triathlon!"


-- Leigh Bradbury

Kind but firm - a great trainer

"I have done both Personal Training with Adele as well as attend her fitness class. In the class she is fantastic with all fitness levels. The class I attended has had various members including those that work out regualrly as well as some older and less able, Adele is always ready to adapt the exercises to fit. The classes are so different from one week to the next, it keeps all members interested.


In Personal Training I feel Adele 'pushes me' just the right amount, she manages to get me to work hard and makes me sweat (no mean feat, as I am a tad reluctant, at times!). Each session is varied and easily keeps me motivated and inspired until the next time. Adele is kind but firm and a great Trainer. I would gladly recommend her services to anyone, whether ultra fit, or just starting to exercise - Adele is non judgemental and will help you achieve your goals."


-- Laura Kyne

Great classes, energy, enthusiasm and fun !

"Just a quick note Adele to say "thank-you" and to tell you how much I enjoy your classes. Your energy, enthusiasm and new ways of adding interest to tried and trusted exercises makes getting to the gym a really fun experience! Even though your classes often consist of a mixed bunch of people, with various fitness levels, ages and weight, not to mention injuries and medical considerations; you accommodate everyone making us all feel at ease and offering us personal challenges to make sure we are getting the most our of our sessions. You are an absolute STAR! Thank you."


-- Jayne Chenkin